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Zawoja, great place to relax, just a shuttle bus!

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As you can guess, Zawoja is one of the more attractive proposals from the Małopolskie Voivodeship, when it comes to sightseeing. It is the longest village in Poland, stretching up to 10 km along the rivers Skawica, Jaworzyna and Mosorczyk. Sam Zawoja is located in the Żywiec Beskids, directly at the foot of the Babia Góra, which attracts tourists as a magnet.

If we decide to transport the bus to Zawoja, we will definitely visit. A wooden inn with arcades from 1836, which really takes your breath away. We can also see a wooden church from 1888, a nineteenth-century chapel Zbójnicka or an open-air museum created by PTTK on the Markov equator. What’s worth seeing yet? Certainly the shelter on Markowa Szczawiny from 1906, the villas of the Polish Academy of Sciences or BPN Educational Center from 1930.

Attractions in Zawoja, especially in summer – these are trips to the Baranek Lake and a meeting with a whip and try oscypek. There are also many hiking trails running not only to Babia Góra, but also to other Beskid hills and peaks.

In addition, we will find here winter time, “white madness”. Speaking about the various ski lifts – the slopes are well maintained, beaten with snowmobiles and even snowed. It’s all worth seeing for yourself!

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