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Round trip trips to Lviv, ie holidays in Ukraine

Lviv is like ‘little Paris”

Many of us would definitely like to go on a holiday trip to our neighbors, who do not hide in the hard times. When traveling on Lviv, we will certainly be satisfied, because we will spend more time in Lvov than in the bus. Comparing other tourist trips.

Lion’s Castle is not like any other city in the world, therefore – roundabouts are right there, they can be an ideal opportunity to rest and enjoy. It is worth mentioning here that the Castle itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Unique architecture, which is shaped by different European styles from the 13th to the 20th century. It is not the only attraction of this place. We will find here, unique and architectural landscapes for Lviv.

Thanks to travel, we will also witness beautiful sights that reflect the past. In addition, this tour can be an inexhaustible source of aesthetic sensations, and the atmosphere of the old Galician city will delight anyone who has the opportunity to come here once in a lifetime. Other attractions include Lwow Kazimierzowski, the beautiful market, the Latin Cathedral, the Boim Chapel and the Dominican Church. Outside the center, you can still visit the Cathedral of Sts. Jura and Cemeteries. Knowing the Lions and its stories, we will want to go back as soon as possible!

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