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Ustroń – an ideal place for round trips for pensioners

Czantoria’s landscape

Ustroń is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Poland. Its location is in Silesian Voivodeship, in the district of Cieszyn. This could be a great trip for seniors. We will find there, first of all, a health resort, a holiday resort.

Day trips for retired people to Ustron, they offer many attractions. We will definitely visit the Forest Park of Surprises, created in the natural environment. Forests, deer, roe deer and mouflons run wild in the woods, while the park itself combines recreation and educational functions, and also organizes falconry shows.

If Park of Surprises and churches and historical buildings are not enough for us, we can always take advantage of hiking and walking hiking trails and Skibówki Manor will be an ideal base for hikers, which can be reached by coach. It is worth mentioning one of the highest statues of Christ the King, which is 25 meters high and the base itself is about 14 meters.

You can go to the ski resorts for winter holidays. In Ustroń there are 3, each with at least one chairlift. These are:

  • The Czantoria rope railway in Ustroń, it is a chair lift for Czantoria,
  • Rope Railroad in Ustroń,
  • and Poniwiec – Little Czantoria resort in Ustron.
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