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Swinoujscie – departure with a 9-person bus

windmill by the sea

Swinoujscie, windmill by the sea

Świnoujście – it is a city, which is mainly famous for spas in the north-western part of Poland. A town in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship with a seaport and bathing area, located on the Swin River and on the Baltic Sea.

Going to the spa, we can count on treatment: orthopedic-traumatic diseases, diseases of the nervous system, rheumatological diseases, cardiological diseases or upper and lower respiratory diseases, obesity or skin diseases.

In addition, in Świnoujscie we can find as many as 15 spa treatment plants, including 2 spa hospitals, 11 spa sanatoriums, 1 physiological establishment.

Świnoujście, of course, is not only a healing point on the map of Poland. Namely, there are year-round tourist information points, one of which is located on the Władysław Coast, the other at the former border crossing point Swinoujscie-Ahlbeck. Exit – Wojtek Zawoja Czatoża or Kolisty Groń Zawoja Forks is another place worth seeing especially in the winter season. There are snow-covered and snow-covered routes, ski lifts, and a ski school.

It is best to go with a family or friends, so a 9-person bus for such an exhausting trip should be standard. All these and other attractions are best seen with your own eyes, and if you suffer from any ailment then Swinoujscie should be obligatory in our holiday plans!

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