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A perfect holiday thanks to the international bus in Austria

Cows in the pasture, beautiful background of mountainsPalfau, or Salza Valley in the Austrian Alps, is a phenomenal base for hiking in the mountains. We can take advantage of many bike paths, but first of all, start the adventure with rafting!

Palfau is the closest place to Poles, it offers a lot of attractions on the water and at the same time feeds the eyes with amazing views.

There are also nice rivers in Poland, but which of them offer increasing difficulty in rafting? This is the emerald river Salza in Austria. If you are looking for adrenaline for a holiday and not interested in the usual sightseeing, or passive holiday on the beach is canoeing in Austria will be a great solution! We will find here the extreme experience of the trip, which will make the trip long in your memory!

If we are amateurs who want to try their hand, there is nothing to fear. It is possible to hire an instructor who will help us to delve into the secrets of kayaking on water. In addition, we can always count on the help of others.

If you decide to take an adventure cruise around Austria just rent a hotel and consider an international bus that will always take us to the place! After all, the rest starts already on the journey.

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