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During the winter holidays, we take a full course for Slovakia. There are two largest water complexes in this part of Europe – Tatralandia and Besenova. For children and their carers, it is a perfect place to take a break from school.

Wycieczki do Tatralandii

Both resorts are situated in a beautiful and very interesting tourist, recreational and cultural area of ​​Liptov. Depending on the size of the group reach there to allow us to transport buses or coaches. Every trip to the Slovak aquapark is an opportunity to combine several pleasures in one: skiing on the slopes, waterfalls and exploring the charming surroundings, full of natural and cultural monuments.

Tatralandia and Besenova offer local accommodation, so the trip can last for both the weekend and the whole week. Attractions will certainly run out. Younger participants choose fun on the slides and in the pools. Parents and carers can relax at the same time with thalassotherapy, saunas or wellness treatments, without fear of the safety of their patients – they are not only active in rescue activities but also fun animators.

If our passengers choose one-day trips, they are limited to water recreation. Longer trips to the Liptov region, however, can be combined with snow madness on the slopes near Jasna and sightseeing around the area. The stalagmites and stalactites in the Demänovská caves are a great choice, and for those of you who are a bit closer to the past, visit the Havránok Celtic settlement or the Likava Castle.

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