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We offer the best transport to Guido mine in Zabrze!

January 04 2018

History of Guido mine in Zabrze is over 150 years old! It is a very popular destination for tourists from our country and from all over the world. It was open to tourists only in 2007, so many people in our country have never heard of her, and even more so in this place. Mining ceased in 1928. When we travel to this place, we will know the history of the mine.

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Cheap transport of people to Wieliczka

November 14 2017

A mine in Wieliczka is an obligatory point on the map of Poland. This extraordinary place will make us feel great no matter what time of year or well-being. In the past, access to Wieliczka was available only for people with special permission. Today, however, is different and everyone can visit this wonderful place. There are no tickets, but it is worth booking them before your arrival. If we want to get to Wieliczka from another place in Poland, cheap carriage of people will be the most practical solution.

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Take advantage of the bus service and visit the High Tatras

May 16 2016

Anyone interested in long hikes in the mountains should definitely visit the High Tatras, which are located in Slovakia. It is a village that covers most of these mountains and will surely delight every tourist visiting this place. Autumn is the perfect time of year to go to Slovakia, as it is a country famous for its most beautiful views in Eastern Europe. The fact is that Slovakia is located just outside our country, so it takes only a few hours to get there. If you want to go to the High Tatras with friends or family, an interesting solution will be the rental of buses.

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