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September 27 2017

Surely every one of us loves animals. In particular, the youngest ones love to go to the zoo as they provide lots of fun and unforgettable moments. You can see how many animals and animals that do not live in our geometric width live and behave. Wrocław Zoo is also a very interesting object due to the fact that it was created more than 150 years ago! This is the oldest zoo in our country. Even tourists from other countries are eager to visit this place because of the huge number of animal species (over 1100).

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November 03 2016

Looking for an interesting idea to visit a new place? Consider leaving for Dresden, a very charming town in eastern Germany. It is not worth worrying about lack of knowledge of German, as we will often communicate in English. It is worth to rent a bus for a holiday, especially when you want to visit more cities in Germany. But coming back to Dresden, everyone will find something for themselves. There are plenty of cycling paths in the city, which will surely appeal to those who love the transport.

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Take advantage of the bus service and visit the High Tatras

May 16 2016

Anyone interested in long hikes in the mountains should definitely visit the High Tatras, which are located in Slovakia. It is a village that covers most of these mountains and will surely delight every tourist visiting this place. Autumn is the perfect time of year to go to Slovakia, as it is a country famous for its most beautiful views in Eastern Europe. The fact is that Slovakia is located just outside our country, so it takes only a few hours to get there. If you want to go to the High Tatras with friends or family, an interesting solution will be the rental of buses.

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