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Bus services to Tropical Islands!

Red sunset


You do not have to fly deep into Africa to see what the tropical rainforest looks like and see the vegetation of such places. There is a very interesting facility located near Berlin and the crowds of tourists at all times of the year. Tropical Islands is a tropical theme park located in an old production hall. An interesting fact is that it is the largest self-supporting hangar in the world. The cost of building the hall was over 70 billion euros!

Inside it is a tropical climate so that plants from other latitudes can grow in it. There are also bars and restaurants in the middle, as exploring the Tropical Islands takes a long time. From Poland, there is bus transport to this place and it is worth considering the use of this service. Tropical Islands also feature a mini-golf course, a balloon ride, and evening entertainment. There are also accommodation facilities in case you want to stay at this place. There are more than 50,000 tropical plants in the Tropical Forest, and the South Sea is designed in the shape of a bay in the atoll (has an area of 4400m2!). Staying in such a place is unforgettable and will provide amazing experiences for every tourist who visits them.

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