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If we like trips, not necessarily on the ground and deep into it, winding long tunnels and glass with rich past, making our hobby impressions, we should visit Guido mine in Zabrze. It was built in the 50s of the nineteenth century, in turn, the name was received in honor of its owner, Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck. Mining ceased in 1928 and since then has become a museum of excursion.

The estimated time to watch all the attractions is about two hours, so one day of vacation, it should be enough to besides the mine itself to explore the surroundings around it.

In the mine is waiting for us, traveling by a roller coaster, exploring the underground water dam, penetrating through the mining excavations, and finally coffee in the underground cafe in the compressor chamber.

Guido will surely be an ideal place for lovers of culture and tourism. We can learn the whole story about the mine, how it was coal mined, how people were accepted to work,

Also worth to know is that the mine is unique on a European scale, a place where not only miners worked, but also horses, which for years lived in specially decorated underground stables! The total length of underground mines and horizontal mines is almost 3000 meters.

It is worth seeing it all with your own eyes, take the children and show them a piece of history. On our side, we can provide personal transport back and forth. Of course, our service is top notch!

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