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Demanovska Ice Cave –  is an incredible part of the Demänovská Caves in Slovakia. It is located in the Low Tatras. This is a great place for a 2-3 day holiday.

We will find here a tour of 650 m and a height of 48 m. The main attractions include caves on the seafront, where the total temperature ranges from + 0.4 ° C to + 3 ° C – we recommend warm clothes. Visiting caves alone takes about 45 minutes.

The tour itself goes through huge river corridors – they are interlaced with steep sections. The first part of the tour, which can be visited, leads through rooms decorated with stalagmites. The second part, through corridors and cave rooms with accumulated ice.

Thanks to the combination of ornamentation and ice, a truly interesting tour is created. We can learn about the formation of corridors and cave rooms, sintra decorations, the conditions of ice accumulation and the effect of ice on the original sintra stalactite robe. These rooms are oval and indicate cave modeling through an underground river. In turn, the shape of part of the hall is changed by frost and frost.

How to prepare for sightseeing? It is best to relax before entering the cave in order to acclimatize in it. You should also warmly dress and wear appropriate rigid shoes. All you have to see for yourself!

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