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An interesting attraction for tourists who are going to Zakopane is the thermal baths there. Podhale is famous for its largest geometric sources, which are used in numerous aquaparks. Researchers have stressed for years that bathing in termites has huge health benefits, so it is worthwhile to go there at least once a year. For those who do not have their own means of transport, a bus to Zakopane will be the best option.

The largest Aquapark is able to accommodate as many as 1000 people at once, which is an unimaginable result! There are also long slides, which will surely delight the youngest, as well as dry and wet saunas. There is also a solarium where you can relax and rejuvenate your skin during the colder days. In Aquapark there is also a viewing terrace from which we can admire the beautiful Tatra mountains. We can also take part in water aerobics exercises, which will definitely interest those who love to spend time actively. From this trip, we will certainly be rejuvenated and full of new forces to act. Anyone who was in this place would gladly return to it. Outside of the thermal baths, we can visit many other places in Zakopane, which are seduced by their beauty and charm. It is a city that has its own unique atmosphere.

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