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If you dream of a tropical holiday in an amusement park then Tropical Islands will be the perfect place for you.

Tropical Islands is located in Germany, exactly in Brandenburg, in the Dahme-Spreewald district. This park, commonly called “tropical island”. It is located in the former production hall of the airships in the largest self-supporting hangar world.

According to data in the first year visited the activity as many as 975 000 people. The complex has been divided into two thematic areas:

  • recreational area of ​​the Tropical Zone,
  • Exotic Sauna Zone.

All transactions made in Tropical Islands are recorded on a chip belt that has a credit function. To see all the attractions of the amusement park, it is best to have a day or two. Tropical Islands offers Tropical Village with buildings based on original Thai buildings such as Borneo, Samoa, and Bali.

Super modern Tropical Forest with 50 000 plants belonging to more than 600 species. The South Sea is a swimming pool built in the atoll. Its length is 140 meters with an area of ​​4400 square meters and a depth of 1.35 meters, in addition, the water temperature is up to 28 ° C. On the beach is prepared for guests 850 wooden sun loungers. In the vicinity, we also have small slides and 3 bigger ones. Ideally suited for play, as well as for the youngest and the adult. If that’s not enough for us, we can still count on the Lagoon, located on the other side of the island, with Jacuzzis, waterfalls and two short slides, 32 ° C water temp.

All you have to see for yourself! We will arrange a comfortable and safe transport that will be there without problems.

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